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    Printing/Saving Question


      When wanting to print a form off, is there a way of downloading/only printing or saving the pages that have answers on as not all parts of the form a relevant to every person?

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          brian.filipiak Level 2

          Hi nicolebost,


          If you have the form e-mail a copy of the submissions as they are received, there is an option there to only include the fields which have been answered, as opposed to all the fields.


          If that doesn't fit the bill... I occasionally download the results as a PDF, and then edit out the unanswered questions using Acrobat Pro... but that can quickly become tedious, and I only resort to that method if I really must.


          Not perfect, but they're a couple of options that might work,



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            nicolebost Level 1

            Hi Brian,


            Could you send me the steps to save/print the form that way.  I work for a medical school and my form has qualifying questions based upon department.  Right now I have to save all 10 pages of the form after it is received to the department and they have to throw out the pages that do not pertain to them.  If there is a way for me to send only the pages that apply, that would be amazing.




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              brian.filipiak Level 2

              Hi Nicole,


              To have the form automatically e-mail the response when the form is submitted, click the Options tab, select Email Notifications, and check the Send email notifications when submissions are received option. Further below, check the Include submitted data box. Doing this will send the form data to you, or to an e-mail address of a form co-author of your choosing.


              If your form collects data that might need to go out to many different departments depending on the options selected in the form, then you would set up your e-mail to watch for incoming mail with certain attributes and forward that message on to the correct recipient. I use this method to filter hundreds of responses to dozens of people, based on specified selections in the submitted responses. To make this work effectively, depending on your e-mail service, you might need to use an e-mail client (Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.) - the server-side filters/rules might not be powerful enough if you just use a web-based e-mail interface, but you can always try it first.


              A bit tedious to set up the first time, but once it works, you can duplicate your filter/rule to create new filters for each different type of response, making just tiny edits as needed.


              So, for example, I have a form sending responses to me, and my e-mail application has the following filter (items in brackets < > are options selected when setting up the filter/rule):


                   Title: Final student evaluation for Supervisor: <person's name (I customize this for each of the different people this is to go to)>


                   If all of the following conditions are met:


                        1. <To> <contains> <my work e-mail address>

                        2. <Subject> <is equal to> <(my particular form name): Response Received>

                        3. <From> <contains> <formscentral-notifications@acrobat.com>

                        4. <Message content> <contains> <unique text that lets the filter know to whom to forward the message - this is populated by a drop-down selection, so the spelling/content is consistent>


                  Perform the following actions:


                        5. <Move Message> to mailbox: <appropriate folder in your e-mail account - this means the message never hits your actual inbox>

                        6. <Redirect Message (or could be Forward Message)> to: <e-mail address of person who should be getting this content, based on above information>


              As I mentioned above, I then duplicate this rule, and make minor edits, for each of the different recipients who need to get responses from the form. (I change the Title, change the content from line 4 to match the new rule, and change the e-mail address in line 6 to match the new rule.)




              If you decide you want to save each response as a PDF and then remove the unneeded content:


                   Go to the View Responses tab

                   Find the response you wish to export

                   Export the response as a PDF (by hovering your mouse over the row number, all the way to the left, and then choosing the Download Response as PDF Form... option)

                   Open the exported PDF in Acrobat Pro

                   Delete unneeded (blank) responses and/or pages

                   Save the PDF and e-mail that to the person who needs the responses.


              This works if you only need to do this occasionally; if you need to do this for a large number of submissions, it is well worth setting up the mail rules/filters as outlined above.


              I hope this helps. Let me know if you have more questions. It looks complicated, but it's really not... you just need patience when setting it up for the first time.