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    Program crashes when I try to load EPUB/ASCM ebook file or transfer the file to Nook ereader.


      I recently checked out an ebook from my library's OverDrive and downloaded the EPub file to my Mac OS 10.10.1 computer. File downloaded to computer without incident, showing up as a acsm file in my Downloads folder. But when I attempt to open the file in Adobe Digital Editions 4.0.2 in order to transfer it to my Nook ereader, a message comes up saying it is fulfilling (similar to normal) but then the program crashes.

      I get this error message:

      (Adobe Digital Editions quit unexpectedly.

      Click Reopen to open the application again. Click Report to see more

      detailed information and send a report to Apple.

      With buttons that say: Ignore    Report     Reopen)


      Then when I reopen Adobe Digital Editions, it appears as thought the file is in the Adobe Digital Editions browser, but if I click on it to open it or try and transfer it to my Nook ereader device the program crashes again. (Same error message)


      I've tried erasing the file and redownloading the ebook from Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox and the same thing happens. I've also tried restarting my computer and looking for updates to resolve the issue (there were none). I've used this program before with no issues, so this problem is new. I've also tried opening other files since, they most of those seem to open as well.I've used this program before with no issues, so this problem is new.

      Running out of ideas. Please help!