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    Output for dvd player

    persius007 Level 1

      I don't use Premiere Pro very often so I would like to ask a question to avoid any problems.

      I work with Maya and I need to create a regular DVD in order to be played in a DVD player as opposed to a PC.   What settings do I need to be mindful of to avoid any technical issues such as failure to play back?


      I did try to review some of the postings on the forum but I was unable to open the actual discussion so this is why I'm posting my question now.

      Any suggestions will be very much appreciated.


      Thank you.

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          SAFEHARBOR11 Most Valuable Participant

          To make a "compatible" DVD meeting DVD-legal specs to play in all players, the disc must be "authored" using software such as Adobe Encore.


          Also, if creating content from scratch, make sure to use video-friendly frame sizes and rates so that you're not doing conversions later than can hurt quality.




          Jeff Pulera

          Safe Harbor Computers

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            persius007 Level 1

            Hi Jeff

            Thanks for replying.   You mentioned Adobe Encore.  I'm not familiar with that software.  If I can get my hands on it will it be easy to use for my purpose?  I was under the impression that Premiere Pro would be enough for my needs.

            As for the specs you mentioned, yes, I'm very much aware of what resolution I'm working with. 


            Thanks again.

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              tfi productions 44 Level 1



              Encore comes with adobe creative suite up til cs6

              if you are using the cloud you have to download/install separately


              once Encore is installed you can 'author' a dvd like Jeff said


              you need to export from PPRO using the mpeg2-dvd setting

              otherwise your files will be transcoded in Encore before burning to dvd


              ALSO: most people will download/install 'imageburn' software and use it to actually burn the dvd to disc

              (from Encore you will choose to build ISO file from the 'build' menu; then load up the iso into 'imageburn' and go at it)


              hope this helps

              cheers, j

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                persius007 Level 1

                I appreciate you getting back to me.  I'm going to go over the settings in P.Pro tomorrow and locate Encore.  I don't actually need to output to DVD for about 3 weeks so this will give me enough time to review the settings etc.  If I run into questions I'll just come back out and post the question.


                Thanks again for your help.

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                  persius007 Level 1

                  I'm sitting here preparing to create the dvd but I've run into an issue.  You mentioned that in PPro I need to use the "mpeg2-dvd" settings.   When I select my drop down window, there is no mpeg2-dvd option.


                  Among the available options I see  H264 and H264 Blu Ray.   I'm not trying to create a Blu Ray disk but rather just a DVD with nothing more.  Is there an option I need to select in order to find the mpeg2-dvd option or should it already be there?


                  Thank you.