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    Cube Spin Transiton Shows Horizonal Blue and White Lines through out Poss BUG?


      Don't know if this is a bug but I am seeing a 2 to 5 pixel Blue Line (the same colour as the CTI, CYAN) on the Cube Spin Transition when in use in Premiere Pro CC.

      I am on 8.0.1.


      I also notice that it appears on the renders and exported material.

      Original Sequences are HDV 50i 1440x1080 and abit of 1980 x 1080 @29.97 MP4 Files taken from a Sanyo XACTI Camera.


      It is visable when both playing back and scrubbing or parking the CTI inbetween the 2 clips, I am also seeing a White Line not as think at times on the left side of the Transition.

      It looks like the Enable Overscan Transition setting that I used to have in EDIUS, where the default settings where set for 3% Overscan and had to be set to 0% for Transitions.


      I am using an ASUS 760GTX 4GB Card with MPE On.


      Just wondering if there was a quick fix before I go though and have replace this transition with a similar one, though have used it 30+ times in this project so far, am gonna have alook out see if I can see a free Cube Spin/Advance Type Transition on the internet to use as I purposely chose this on

      as it fits in well.


      anyway, I noticed this Line Appearing thoughout the editing process and thought that it was like Premiere Pro way of tell me that the transition had begun, like the show end of media indicator and not though that it would actually show in the final exports on the render, even on the downscale it shows when rendered to MPEG-2 DVD.


      I saw another post on this on here but that dates back to CS 5.5.

      I have attached a few grabs to show you. have to look very closely or download them as on whit background, but on the first there is a very thin white line and on the left of the frame and you will see the cyan line on the right a bit thicker





      The First one is the very start of the transition, where the CTI hits the 1st Frame of the Transition


      1-Cube Spin Transition Bug at Sart of Transition 1.jpg


      2-Cube Spin Transition Midway.jpg

      3-Cube Spin Transition Bug at End of Transition.jpg


      . Not on the left a Thin White Line and as Described on the Right the Cyan Slithly Thicker, Looks to be Same or Simialr Colour to The CTI.

      Then as the transitions moves, though, the left white line disappears and you have the right Cyan Line Showing all through the transition, until it is completed.


      As say, if there is a simple fix, then it would be appreciated so save having to alter all of the existing ones, as I say, kinda like the Cube Spin.