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    Adobe PScs5Extended OpenGL Problem



      Dell Precision M4700

      ips RGB-Panel

      IntelCore I5 3320M@2600MHz

      Nvidia Quadro K1000M

      Crucial M4 256GB SSD

      CorsairVengeance 16GB(2x8) DDR3 1600MHZ

      Win7 64Bit Professional


      Opengl version, Adobe photoshop version, Graphic Card driver version, Photoshop System Information - Screenshot

      http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2015/005/b/9/informationen_opengl_problem_by_comic_color ing-d8cqnqo.jpg




      i hope you guys can help me with the little problem which i have since a few weeks maybe even month.


      the opengl function in adobe photoshop cs5 doesnt work anymore. its greyed out and i am not able to enable it.

      it worked properly when i got the dell precision (workstation-notebook) for more then a year but some weeks or month ago

      (time goes so fast) it stoped to work. i had some projects so i thought i will try to fix it later.


      what i tried to fix the problem


      delete the photoshop preferences via ctrl, shift, alt.

      reinstalled photoshop and updated it to the newest version.

      downloaded the actuall graphic card drivers..didnt worked out.

      then i downgraded it to the original version which i had as a backup..and it still does not work.


      i contacted the dell support today but i kind of doubt that they will be able to help me so thats

      why i am here and ask what else i can do. it worked in the past so it should be able to let it work

      again...at least thats what i hope.