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    Adobe Edge - Bring active layer to front & mouse enter/leave problems

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      I created a simple animation in edge where when someone "Mouse Enter"s an image, the image scales up 200%. When they "mouse leave " the image scales back down to the original image size (reverse playback). The image is inside a symbol. The mouse enter/leave actions occur on a 0 opacity rectangle that sits on top of the image. I tried to set overflow to visible, but that didn't show the complete image so i made the transparent stage the size of the image when completely scaled up.


      I have come across two problems with this, i was wondering if anyone had a simple fix.
      1st. Sometimes the image gets "stuck" after scaling up, and it doesnt scale back down. This error occurs in safari/chrome browser. What am i doing wrong?

      2nd. When using multiple of these image animations right next to each other - the image on the bottom most layer gets partially obstructed by the other animations sitting on other layers. How do i fix this?


      You can view the animation here:



      If the animation doesnt get stuck, keep mousing over different ones.


      Thanks for your time,