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    Height of menubar

    Level 7
      Is there any easy way to determine the exact height of the menubar that
      appears at the top of a projector when you use the InstallMenu command? It
      seems to be a setting in Windows, unrelated to Director. It seems to
      deafult to 20 pixels, but this isn't a guarantee. I need to know, because
      otherwise, the menubar will push the projector stage down by that many
      pixels, and it gets cut off at the bottom. I've been making my stage 20
      pixels higher than I want it to compensate, but I'm afraid that won't work
      on computers who aren't using the default menubar size setting. Any way
      around this? (Short of creating my own custom menus from scratch, that is.
      I want to keep the look consistant with the OS and I'd rather not reinvent
      the wheel if I don't have to.)