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    Help with he use of the Clone Stamp Tool.  How do a get a better match?

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      Please see my sample picture:



      Clone Stamp tool remove wood.jpg

      As stated in the picture I would like to remove the wood in the corner.  I thought using the Clone Stamp tool would give me the corner look by sampling above the wood and then clone out the wood.  But what I got is a lighter looking corner, not what I want.  I did try some blend mode but I am not getting the match I want, so I thought I would ask here.  Is there a better way to do this?  I have this same problem with other picture like this.  I grab a sample point from one part of the picture and then the clone stamp ends up lighter or a different shade in the stamp area.  Again, maybe the stamp clone tool is not the correct tool for this, if so, what else is there???  The healing brush is worse for what I am doing in the type of healing.