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    Any tips for edge animate display issues on Windows 8.1 with high res?


      I'm finding Edge animate unusable on my Surface Pro 3.  Ilustrator CC and Photoshop CC behave well on the Surface, and scale appropriately on its high dpi display.  However, Edge Animate is a wreck. By default, after installation, it renders small, off centered, and partly cutoff in its display window.  Also, all buttons and entities are misaligned from their visual location on screen. Instructing Windows 8.1 not to apply display scaling settings fixes the cutoff and offset issues, but renders elements much too small to read and use.


      I have the same (current) version of Edge Animate CC installed on a second machine, which uses the same display scale factor of 150% as the surface pro 3.  On that machine, edge animate renders beautifully, at the correct size, and without any of the cutoff and offset bugs present on the Surface Pro 3.  This leads me to believe that the 150% display scale factor is not the root cause alone.  Perhaps it another issue related to the graphics hardware or display driver. ?? I can't experiment or troubleshoot display settings much because I find no Preferences or Settings options listed under the Edit menu, as you usually see in other Adobe products like Photoshop.


      Any other Surface owners seeing the same issue?  If so, do you have any tips or info to help me out?