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    Program Panel only displays zoomed-in video




      I just downloaded Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 and I'm having trouble previewing the video in the program panel.The source panel on the left shows the full view of the clip wheras the program panel on the right only displays the zoomed-in clip (see below). Is there any way to change this? I'm trying to edit the video in accordance with a separate audio file and need to see the whole video as I edit.




      adobe premiere example shot.PNG

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          jstrawn Adobe Employee

          It looks like it's doing the right thing and your sequence just isn't sized to fit the vertically oriented video. The source monitor is showing the whole image because it doesn't have to fit into a sequence which does not match the media.


          You need to determine what settings you want for your sequence (for example 1080p 30fps), add the media to it (respecting the sequence settings you gave it), and scale the video to fit leaving black on either side. Alternatively, you could just drag the video file over the 'new' item in the lower right of the project panel to make a new sequence with settings automatically based on the media, but then you'll end up either cropping it at export or with a tall rectangular movie file which will not match most playback environments. This is a common problem with all the sideways video that people take these days with their phones and such. Video is inherently horizontal unless you're watching it on a handheld device which has no particular 'up' orientation.

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            hlaalh1 Level 1

            Problem is now resolved.


            Thanks for the help!

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              Byronbay Level 1

              Hi, Steve K here.


              I have the same problem - with the Program showing a zoomed in part of the Source Panel - "fit" nor any other button helps ?


              I've read your advice .. yet for love or money can't find any "new" button on any lower right ?


              Also can't find a way in via sequence settings ?


              S if you could please help me mate, it'd be greatly appreciated.


              ( Ps the clips which are out of size are imported via Photo shop )


              Best wishes,


                                   Steve K

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                Byronbay Level 1

                Re zoomed in Program panel


                Thanks for your reply - I've been a while responding because when I did that - it worked - but I will loose the entire Edit ?


                So I've been trying things like the tilde button - window maximize etc .. but with no luck.


                It may be the basic way my panels are set up ?     Because the bottom edge of the Program one is higher than the bottom edge of the Source Panel .. is there a restore original setting link ?


                I greatly appreciate your help ..


                So is it possible to fix one clip without loosing an entire edit .. and if not .. how can I start again and not have the same problem down the track ?   


                I have done a course and am fairly competent with Premiere Pro .. with one full Trailer edit accomplished .. but obviously have missed something basic with the Panel setup.


                Best wishes,


                                     Steve Kenyon  

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                  Byronbay Level 1

                  Hi, Steve K again .. just re-reading your previous advice .. re horizontal/vertical video .. I'm shooting on a Panasonic P2 HD @ 1080



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                    Byronbay Level 1

                    Hi, I have tried all this .. yet, while editing, the Program Panel, (which has just shown 3 edits from the same source perfectly) suddenly changes to a mini size version ?


                    It's all on 1080, and the seq settings agree.


                    Could this be a bug in the Prem pro app ?