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    Legacy folder structure and moving "existing" photos to LR


      I have always used folders to store my photos. The structure I have used is Year>Month and then dump those photos into the month they were taken. Along the way I have some photos I have named vs. the standard Nikon naming convention or I have named a folder inside of the year (i.e. 2012>Florida Trip instead of putting those in the July folder for example. I now want to make a transition to using LR for cataloging and tagging with keywords. Additionally, moving forward I would  use the import feature directly from the memory card to LR.


      My question is this: I see many sites that recommned having a standard file structure before moving to LR and I am curious should I rename these exiting folders to something else and/or re-organize them before importing the existing photos to LR? Or should I leave them alone, add keywords to all of them for searching capabilities, and any new photos imported moving forward would have a new structure or naming convention that you might suggest?


      Hopefully that makes sense.