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    Easy Video?

      Is this product called Breeze because it is so easy to use?
      Is there an easy way of inserting video into a slide (not the little talking head up in the corner) without becoming a flash programmer?

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          We are using this piece of software, converts any video format to a swf file, works like a charm:


          BTW, perhaps thats why they changed the name form Breeze to Presenter...
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            tbertram Level 1
            Thanks for the tip, are you using the FlixPro, or the FlixExporter? After using this, are you just importing the flash into the PowerPoint slide? Do you have to insert the audio seperately on the slide?

            Could you just give me a quick run down on your work flow?

            I just can't seem to get any of the SWF files to play as video in the PowerPoint slide for anything.
            I can get the little talking head window to work with no proplem.

            Thanks you for any advice.
            Tom Bertram
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              ole.h Level 1
              Using Flix Pro, you can export a movie to a self containing swf file. The swf can contain both audio and video.

              To insert this swf in a powerpoint, select the Adobe Presenter menu -> Insert Flash. Now you have the swf object on the slide, you can move and resize the movie as you like. But you need to export the powerpoint using presenter, before the movie will play.

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                tbertram Level 1
                Thanks for replying to my questions.

                I continue to have no luck. I downloaded the free trial of Flix-Pro. Followed that steps you advised:

                1-Exported a movie to a self containing swf file that contains both audio and video.
                2-inserted this swf in a PowerPoint by selecting the Adobe Presenter menu -> Insert Flash.
                3-export the PowerPoint using presenter, I checked of to have the file uploaded when I published it.

                When I view the published presentation, the video will not play.

                Can you tell if I am missing anything? It sound so simple, but I am pulling my hair out.

                Any advice is greatly appreciated.

                Tom Bertram
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                  ole.h Level 1
                  I'm using Presenter vers. 6.0 - which version are you using?

                  After export the first frame of the video is showing, but the video is not playing?
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                    tbertram Level 1
                    I am using v5.1.2.. Do you think the upgrade to 6.0 will make a difference?
                    Yes the first frame only, of course it pays in preview while authoring in PowerPoint, but will not play after published.
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                      ole.h Level 1
                      I don't think your version supports flash video 8, you need to convert the video to another version of flash video.

                      In Flix Pro you can choose to export to another swf version. Try choosing MX SWF instead Flash 8 SWF.
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                        Hi Tom,

                        If you have Breeze Presenter 5.1.269 and Flash Player 9 installed, it is possible that you're encountering an incompatibility issue with version 5.1.269 of Breeze Presenter and Flash Player 9. You might want to check this TechNote for more information:

                        Flash Player 9 Incompatibility Prevents SWF files from being inserted into Breeze Presenter –

                        You have three options to resolve this issue:
                        1. If you still have version 5.1.269, you may either opt to downgrade to Flash Player 8 - OR -
                        2. File a support case through www.adobe.com/go/supportportal to request for the dll patch - OR -
                        3. Upgrade to the latest version (Adobe Presenter 6)

                        Hope this helps.
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                          tbertram Level 1
                          Thank you kindly for your help, I will try your suggestions.