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    All hyperlinks but one fixed with Decode-new.jsx script




      I'm creating a course calendar for work and I have created registration icons that direct the user to a mailto: email link where I define the subject and the default body text in the email for every course. I have over 100 of these icon links and run the Decode-New.jsx script frequently to fix any of the hyperlink bug issues that happen in older versions of InDesign (I'm running on CS 6 but run on CC on my own personal system).


      The script fixes all but one of my mailto: links. I get the following error when I run the script:


      05-01-2015 4-48-39 PM.png


      I've deleted the icon and recreated a new one and relinked the mailto and it didn't work. Then I copied and pasted an existing linked icon that does work and edited the mailto: to have the properties that I need....and that still didn't work. Then I saved the document and restarted my InDesign all together and did the 2 above steps again....and still nothing. I'm literally pasting in the exact same information of the mailto: url as in the other working links and just editing the subject title properties and it's just not working. I'm stumped.


      It would be ridiculous and bad UI to have all but 1 email registration link have predefined properties for the subject and body text. Any solutions?