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    Optimal Disk Configuration (I know I know)


      Hi, I've been going through a lot of forum posts and read Tweaker's guide for suggested disk configuration. I understand that everyone's situation is different and would just like to verify my plan is optimal for what I have.


      My system configuration currently:

      CPU: I7-4790K LGA 1150

      MB: MSI X97

      RAM: 32GB

      VIDEO: GTX 980 (have 2 but going to sell one as there seems to be no benefit without higher end CPU possibly)

      HD1: Crucial MX550 256GB or 512GB (Plan on purchasing)

      HD2: Samsung 840 Pro 128GB

      HD3: Samsung 850 Pro 256GB

      HD4: Samsung 850 Pro 256GB

      HD5: WD Black 2TB

      HD6: WD Black 1TB


      Based on Tweaker's guide for the number of drives I have, I should RAID them, but problem is that they are not of similar type/size and the LGA 1150 might be limiting an External RAID solution? Also, SW RAID may be problematic too?


      I'm mostly starting out with Video Editing and it's fun, but my attempts on my underpowered laptop has given me long waiting times/un-viewable playback/crashes, hence why I'm trying to build a somewhat proper system. Currently I'm only dealing with GoPro 2.7K and 1080P raw footage, and hope to maybe dabble with 4K footage from a Panasonic GH4 (once I purchase the camera hah) if my system can handle it. I don't plan on having my final exports any longer than 5 minutes for now. Given current HW, I'm planning to configure drives as following:


      OS and Programs -> HD1: Crucial MX550 256GB or 512GB (don't really play games, but may want to try some, I know they say to keep your editing machine clean)


      Media Cache and Previews -> HD3: Samsung 850 Pro 256GB (will size be enough for what I plan to deal with?)


      Project Files -> HD4: Samsung 850 Pro 256GB (once project is finished, transfer to HD5: WD Black 2TB)


      Media Source Files -> HD4: Samsung 850 Pro 256GB (as direct import from camera to work with SSD speed, then once project is finished, transfer everything to HD5: WD Black 2TB)


      Exports -> HD2: Samsung 840 Pro 128GB (as direct export from render, then transfer file to HD5: WD Black 2TB)


      Backup of HD1 and some Media -> HD6: WD Black 1TB



      My thinking of working on the SSDs first is to get the SSD speed, but then transfer to larger HDD for finished product and backup. Would putting HD3: Samsung 850 Pro 256GB and HD4: Samsung 850 Pro 256GB in SW RAID 0 be better for Media Cache/Previews and Project files, and then assign HD5: WD Black 2TB for the Media Source Files?


      I'm trying to see what the best configuration I can get with what I have to work with, and if there is a significant performance gain by changing the configuration a bit by adding another drive or so, I would also consider that. Thank you so much for your time and help in advance!

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          JEShort01 Level 4

          Wow, interesting and expensive collection of drives!


          Don't buy the Crucial!!! I love Crucial drives, but you have an excellent opportunity to buy a matching 850 Pro still for a SSD RAID 0 array. My suggestion:


          Boot/OS/Programs = 128GB 840 Pro - a little small, but remove hibernation and it will do just fine

          Data drive (and Windows cache) = 3x 256GB 850 Pro RAID 0 array (on Intel ports - SATA III would be great, but even if your MB only has SATA II for Intel RAID ports this will perform extremely well)


          You can use the two WD's for storage, backups, etc.


          In Adobe, set "other programs" (non-Adobe) memory to 6GB so you have plenty of RAM for Windows drive caching.


          Many will tell you that RAID'ing SSDs is silly, overkill, not faster, must have separate drives for reads/writes, blah, blah, blah, etc.


          They are awesome and are really nice with Adobe Premiere Pro.




          PS - the "old" PC I'm writing this email on has a 5x RAID 0 SSD array assembled 3 years ago and its still humming along pretty well - fast and never missed a beat. My new build has an 8x RAID 0 array on it - yes, that's overkill but it should still be plenty large enough and fast enough for my data needs for at least the next 3 years

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            SeaDonkey Level 1

            Thank you so much for your suggestion Jim! To explain the odd system configuration, I bought the system used and added the 850 Pros only so far. I thought that separating the drives for each major task such as media cache/previews, media files, exports, etc. would be optimal but you've made me realize that it may not be! Due to the fact that less taxing tasks such as exports, project files, media files would still occupy the SSD and be idle while not utilizing the speed for cache/previews. Therefore it would be better to have a higher percentage of utilization from all the drives for whatever.


            For importing original media from camera, do you suggest to put it on the RAID drives or on the WD HDD based of your suggested configuration? I'm uncertain how quickly accessible the original media needs to be. Thank you so much for you help, I will purchase another 850 pro instead of the crucial!



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              JEShort01 Level 4



              You ask some reasonable sounding questions here, but when it comes to drives and storage there are a lot a factors including but not limited to:

              - available ports?

              - motherboard model #?
              - port types (SATA ii/iii, Marvell or Intel, capable of RAID or not, etc.)?

              - how much data storage do you need? (media + projects + other non-Adobe data)?

              - what is you backup strategy, or strategies?


              So here are some answers to questions that you asked and some that you did not ...

              - 850 Pro's are really fast and if 2x 256GB of storage is enough, you may not want to buy any more drives. They will be plenty fast for your system. If you don't think 512GB is enough space, go ahead and get the 3rd matching SSD now.

              - suggest you put all files on the SSDs and have complete on-site and off-site backups of: media, project files, and other important data. You do not need to back up: scratch, cache, and exports (they can be pretty large files and can easily be regenerated). Putting one of your hard drives in a USB 3.0 "sled" would make it very convenient to have off-site backups and prevent any risk of loss from fire or theft.

              - with 4k footage in your future plans you definitely want that on your SSD array (vs a single rotating drive)





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                SeaDonkey Level 1

                Thanks so much again Jim! For my MSI Z97 Gaming 7 motherboard, looks like there are 8 SATA III ports available (6 off the Intel Z97 chipset and 2 off ASMedia ASM106 Chipset). And I should be able to put SATA 1-6 from Intel Z97 in RAID 0 if desired. Data storage is not that important for me because I have many other computer for other purposes and I only plan to make 3-5 minute videos and can backup the stuff to external HDD that I have. As long as the space on the SSDs is sufficient for working on 1 video project at a time. My dilemma was whether to separate the SSDs for each Premiere Pro category or RAID 0 them all together. You've helped me see the light. Thanks again for all your help and giving me reassurance!