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    Green screens between regular frames


      I have PE13. Loaded video from VHS tape that is old. System picks Hard Disk, Flash Memory Camcorder - Std 48kHz picture setting. However, in playback the monitor has one picture frame and two green frames making for a flickering picture within the monitor panel. Not sure if this is problem with wrong picture setting or not. Need advice and help.  David

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          If you have VHS tape that has been digitalized the program's selection of the project preset cited is not unreasonable - NTSC Hard Disk Flash Memory Camcorders and the choice for Standard 48 kHz (assuming a NTSC setup). The program probably selected this preset because the video was has an interlaced frame rate and was presenting with Upper Field First for the Scan Order.


          What is the video compression and file extension of what you imported into the project? Please include some details of how the VHS was digitized.


          All that being said, when that video arrived at the Expert workspace Timeline, did it have no colored line over it or an orange colored line over its contents?

          If orange line, did you click on the Render button above the Timeline to change that orange line to green to get the best possible preview of that content playing

          back in the Edit area monitor?


          Depending on your review and consideration of the above, could you post a screenshot of the Expert workspace that would demonstrate this condition?


          Thank you.