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    Extensions; CEP (Common Extensibility Platform); who has tried; who has published

    romanobstuder Level 1

      Hi all

      I have played with the new CEP way of writing extensions for a few weeks. (Common Extensibility Platform).

      I now have a working extension.

      Currently I am trying to get my first Extension published with Adobe.

      Adobe has what is called the Adobe Exchange Vetting team.

      Her is how I understand the process:

      Write your code, test debug etc.

      Upload to the Adobe Platform. (A extension ((or other stuff)) can be shared for free or sold)

      Code needs to have a signature. Sounds easy enough... I don't think so. That's where I like to hear your story: Anybody published successfully? How did you go? What process did you use? (There is 4 that I know of)

      BTW: I am interested in small time developers like myself. I can not buy a pro Signature. Costs north of $1000.00.

      There is a process called self signed. That is for free.

      Please share your story, as I would like to see my code up there soon.