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    Borderless printing in Lightroom 5--Mac Yosemite, Canon i9900.  Selected 8.5x11 borderless media, but LR insists on printing with borders.  Tried adjusting cell size and margins, but LR won't allow setting to zero.


      LR won't allow me to adjust the margins below minimum values of about 0.25 in.  Borderless printing and 8.5x11 borderless media are selected.

      LR also won't allow me to increase the cell size.  It seems to have a maximum of 8x10.68.

      Aspect ratio of the image I'm trying to print is 8.5x11 so it should be a perfect fit.

      When I print the same image in Photoshop, it prints borderless just fine on the same printer.

      Mac, Yosemite, Canon i9900.