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    Nikon D800 raw files taken with Sandisk extreme plus 32GB SDHC card got corrupted. Able to preview them in Lightroom4.4 Library, but not able to import or transfer the files from card to computer. Any ideas on how to save images from Library Window in Lig

    Image Corruption

      Hi, I have shot few pictures on 31st December night in RAW mode using Nikon D800 and Sandisk extreme plus 32GB SDHC card. It looks like card got some memory errors so not able to transfer the files from Card to computer. However I am able to view the pics thru Lightroom ver 4.4 Library, but when I tried to import them, it gives me an error stating that file can't be read.


      Is there a way to save the pics from Library window in lightroom overcoming the card read errors ?


      Thanks in advance