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    Workflow suggestions for a large collage



      collage will be 36"x24" (W/H)

      Photos will be approx. 4x3, 50  or more photos, all cataloged in Lightroom

      Some are Jpg, most are raw

      to be commercially printed

      Photoshop CS 6

      Lightroom 4.4


      I am struggling with an efficient workflow that utilizes LR and PS. In my first attempt, i selected the first 30 photos in LR, made some minor crops and adjustments, then set them aside in a quick collection.

      Next I opened PS and created a blank image at 36x24 and set up guide lines at 4" interval horizontal and 3" vertical, moved each one in individually as a layer, then compressed all layers to reduce the file size (this needs to be transmitted to the outside printer)

      The problem is i'm not sure if that was the most efficient way of getting the photos from LR to PS.

      Should i open them as layers or smart objects? Sometimes a photo needs to be tweeked but i was unable to to view the individual photos (probably because i compressed the layers)

      How do i mass move the photos from the collection to PS? Should I?

      What other PS set up features should i be concerned with?

      Should i eliminate LR and use Bridge?


      Are there any You Tube videos that specifically mention LR/PS workflow for a collage?


      Thanks for any suggestions

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Photoshop would be my choice I have no need for Lightrroon without layer support Lightroom is not a real image editor and if you use PS with LR you need to flatten your PS work for LR you lose your Photoshop work layers and your LR non destructive editing for its been flattened as well the raw data is gone. LR also lacks scripting support.


          Note: CS6 is the buggiest version Photoshop ever released.  There is a bug in perpetual CS6 that has been fixed in subscription CS6.  If you leave you Photoshop Preference Interpolation method set to Adobe default Bicubic Automatic  some Photoshop Scripts will fail with an internal Photoshop Error.   I know my scripts will fail. Adobe default Bicubic Automatic is a poor choice in the first place and should be set to just Bicubic which is a better general purpose method then Bicubic Automatic. Bicubic Automatic does a poor job downsizing images that have been sharpened.   Change the preference to any setting other then Bicubic Automatic to avoid the Perpetual CS6 scripting bug.



          Photo Collage Toolkit  can completely automate populating Collage up to 53 Image  using collage templates and can tile any number of images into a document for print on roll or sheet paper. using just the PastImageRoll script. Paste Image Roll Script and Picture Package Support


          Any size images can be used they will be fitted to the collage template or tile size.


          Photoshop scripting is powerful and I believe this package demonstrates this.

          A video showing a 5 image collage PSD template  being populates with images:


          The package includes four simple rules to follow when making Photo Collage Template PSD files so they will be compatible with my Photoshop scripts.

          1. Size the photo collage templates for the print size you want - width, height and print DPI resolution.
          2. Photo collage templates must have a Photoshop background layer. The contents of this layer can be anything.
          3. Photo collage templates must have alpha channels named "Image 1", "Image 2", ... "Image n".
          4. Photo collage templates layers above the background layers must provide transparent areas to let the images that will be placed below them show through.


          There are twelve scripts in this package they provide the following functions:

          1. TestCollageTemplate.jsx - Used to test a Photo Collage Template while you are making it with Photoshop.
          2. CollageTemplateBuilder.jsx - Can build Templates compatible with this toolkit's scripts.
          3. LayerToAlphaChan.jsx - Used to convert a Prototype Image Layer stack into a template document.
          4. InteractivePopulateCollage.jsx - Used to interactively populate Any Photo Collage template. Offers most user control inserting pictures and text.
          5. ReplaceCollageImage.jsx - use to replace a populated collage image Smart Object layer with an other image correctly resized and positioned.
          6. ChangeTextSize.jsx - This script can be used to change Image stamps text size when the size used by the populating did not work well.
          7. PopulateCollageTemplate.jsx - Used to Automatically populate a Photo Collage template and leave the populated copy open in Photoshop.
          8. BatchOneImageCollage.jsx - Used to Automatically Batch Populate Collage templates that only have one image inserted. The Collage or Image may be stamped with text.
          9. BatchMultiImageCollage.jsx - Used to Automatically Batch Populate Any Photo Collage template with images in a source image folder. Easier to use than the interactive script. Saved collages can be tweaked.
          10. BatchPicturePackage.jsx - Used to Automatically Batch Populate Any Photo Collage template with an image in a source image folder
          11. PasteImageRoll.jsx - Paste Images into a document to be print on roll paper.
          12. PCTpreferences.jsx - Edit This File to Customize Collage Populating scripts default setting and add your own Layer styles.

          Documentation and Examples

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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            Adding and Action can even automate an animated collage template. Action driven Interactive Snow Globe



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              rjpiekos Level 1



              Very thorough response. i will investigate your suggestions and repost my results.