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    Purchased Creative Cloud complete on Black Friday for $40/mo, I've been charged twice and can't find out how to license my trial. PLEASE HELP!


      I signed up and purchased a discount plan of Creative Cloud Complete for $40/mo for the first year on Black Friday (11/28/14). I downloaded the Creative Cloud desktop app as well as Lightroom and Photoshop a few days later when my new computer came in. They have both reached the trial limit (I'm not even sure why it put me as a trial when I had already purchased Creative Cloud Complete). Since then I have downloaded and installed AE and PR and they have about 15 days left on the trial. My account has now been charged $40 twice. The first time was on 11/28/14 when I signed up, and the second time was on 12/29/14. Both were for the amount of $39.99. When I log into my Adobe Creative Cloud account online, it's asking me if I'm "ready to buy?". Why does it say this if I have already purchased a plan? How do I get the information to license all of the software? Nowhere in my account settings can I find a way to license all of the Creative Cloud programs I have installed. Please help! I have tons of projects I need to be working on and cannot afford any delays!


      PC - Dell XPS 8700

      Windows 8.1



      Wesley Bower