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    iOS adhoc displays black screen after launch

    gmohassy Level 1



      my iOS application displays black screen after slash screen.nothing happens and couldn't see any proper errors on debug utility.

      I can build adhoc using flash builder and it's works fine but problem occurs when I create ipa using dumped config file on command line(ant)

      I'm using flex sdk 4.6 and AirSDK 15.0(overladed) .my application includes few native extensions.



      mxmlc -load-config app-config.xml src/mobapp.mxml -output myapp.swf



      <target name="build-release-adhoc-package-ipa">

          <echo>::building captive-runtime release-adhoc ipa..</echo>

          <exec executable="${FLEX_BIN}/adt" failonerror="true">

              <arg line="-package" />

              <arg line="-target ipa-ad-hoc" />

              <arg line="-storetype pkcs12" />

              <arg line="-keystore ${provision.dir}/release-adhoc.p12" />

              <arg line="-storepass 12345" />

              <arg line="-provisioning-profile ${provision.dir}/release_adhoc.mobileprovision" />

              <arg line="${adhoc.dir}/ios-adhoc.ipa" />

              <arg line="${src}/mobapp-app.xml" />

              <arg line="myapp.swf" />

              <arg line="${icon.dir}/applicationIcon16.png" />

              <arg line="${icon.dir}/applicationIcon32.png" />

              <arg line="${icon.dir}/applicationIcon36.png" />

              <arg line="${icon.dir}/applicationIcon48.png" />

              <arg line="${icon.dir}/applicationIcon57.png" />

              <arg line="${icon.dir}/applicationIcon72.png" />

              <arg line="${icon.dir}/applicationIcon76.png" />

              <arg line="${icon.dir}/applicationIcon114.png" />

              <arg line="${icon.dir}/applicationIcon120.png" />

              <arg line="${icon.dir}/applicationIcon128.png" />

              <arg line="${icon.dir}/applicationIcon152.png" />

              <arg line="${base.dir}/Default-568h@2x.png" />

              <arg line="-extdir ${src}/ane" />

              <arg line="-platformsdk /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/Developer/SDKs/iPh oneOS.sdk" />




      please help.