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    AME - Source file length issues




      I have a set of .MXF files that need transcoding to Apple Prores 422 because Premier crashes everytime I try to open it with these MXF files.


      Im trying to use AME CS6 for this - The source clips are all in different lengths, all over 30 seconds but no more than 4 minutes a file. However for some reason Adobe Media Encoder will only give me the first 30 seconds of the file, and never displays any longer than this, so I lose whatever footage is after 00:30. Even when i try to export them as same as the source file, they all export to 00:30.


      Does anyone know whats causing this?


      I hope someone can help me. Many thanks!



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          cc_merchant Level 4

          Sounds like you used a non-standard workflow to ingest these .MXF files. If one uses the proper workflow, CS6 has no problems with .MXF clips.


          Proper workflow is:

          1. Copy the complete contents of the memory card to hard disk.
          2. Import the clips into the project using Media Browser.
          3. Wait for indexing, conforming and generation of peak files to finish.


          Transcoding to ProRes or whatever is not necessary, time consuming, takes up lots of disk space and gives a generation loss.