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    Loading external movies

      I've created (with help) a series of buttons that scroll a movieClip's x-position according to an arrayIndex. With variables, these buttons also cycle through their up and down state as the user clicks from one to the next. I'd like for them to also load an external flash movie into a "loader" movie clip. More precisely, a different external swf for each button.

      I don't know how to include the loadMovie script into the (beyond my skills) action script that controls my x-postion buttons. I've tried to write the bellow code for each button, but it stops my x-position scroll.

      I tried to use this code... but it stops my movieClip from scrolling.
      controller_mc.but1.onRelease = function() {
      loadMovie("chapterTest.swf", "_root.loader");

      Here is my complete code. I'd be happy to answer any question and I'll also attach my file for review. Thank you.
      click here for my files

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          I downloaded your code...might be a conflict somewhere. I'll go through it and see what's up.

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            knoxx Level 1

            Ok, you mentioned that you had an issue when clicking on a button to load an external movie it would stop your x-position scroller. I downloaded your files and you have a button in the library that's found in the timeline called btnLink_01. You have an button event called:

            //thumb links
            timeline1.link01.onRelease = function() {


            When I opened your file and ran the movie, I click on the btnLink_01 at it did not load the external movie called test.swf, which I created, and didn't seem to affect your x-scroll functionality. I did some troubleshooting and set the color properties from Alpha to None on movieclip "loader" movie and it loaded the external movie just fine. Seemed like you had the alpha set to 0, so when the movieclip was loaded, it didn't show up. Not sure if this is the issue you had. Let me know if that helps or if I wasn't resolving your issue correctly.

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              dougbarba Level 1
              The btnLink_01 code does work for me (I figured out the alpha issue), without disrupting the timeline. My trouble lies in the "but1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8" code. Those generic dates that navigate the timeline. I'd like to load a different movie when i click each of those or cycle through using the left and right arrow buttons in that navigation bar.

              The box graphic link that's in the timeline1_mc seems to work fine at loading a movie, but when i use controller_mc.but1.onRelease code at the bottom there it stops my timeline scroll. You can take out that code to see what i mean.

              Thanks for your help on this.
              I'm attaching my corrected files to help clear up that alpha issue.
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                dougbarba Level 1
                I'm using this code and it seems to be working fine.