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    Permission Problem when trying to Installation Adobe Flash Player


      I'm having a problem installing the Adobe Flash Player in Windows 7 because I'm getting the now infamous message that there is not permission to install; however, mine is a bit different.


      I used to have Adobe Flash Player on my machine but it has disappeared, possibly inadvertently uninstalled.  Now, when I try to install the Flash Player, it appears to be almost done and then abruptly stops and gives the lack of permission message.  Note that I am NOT getting it installed and then it fails on a restart as most seems to do  ---  it won't install in the first place.


      Willing to try anything, I have downloaded and installed the subinacl.exe and the reset_fp.bat files in my Windows Resource Kits folder.  I try to run the reset_fp.bat file as Administrator (which I am) and the cursor changes to the hour glass and things are locked up.  I have to go to the Task Manager to end the process of Tools.


      Next, I can simply click on the reset_fp.bat file and it goes through the DOS looking screen with line of text running down like crazy but the bottom line after it stops says that the client does not have the proper permission.  Of course, that has not corrected my problem.  I do note that the first instruction in running that routine is "Install Adobe Flash Player" and that brings me back to my original problem  ---  I can't get Adobe Flash Player installed in the first place. .


      Anyone have any ideas  ---  I would be most appreciative.


      Jim B.