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    XDC -> print a empty page after the print job


      Hi Folks,


      i have a problem. i use a xdc file to select multiple trays and after the printing job an additional separator sheet should be "printed" . Its only a empty sheet, which should be at the end of the printjob.

      Could somebody give me a hint? I checked the pcl commands and i got the idea to send a line feed and carriage return command, but im not sure whats happen and if this is possible, could i select the tray for this?

      Thanks a lot for any Idea or Tip,


      kind regards


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          Aljechin Level 1

          Wasil, thanks for the response, but i havent found any info to do a separator sheet in this link. I know that i have to do this in the xdc, but i dont know how. I found a plc command to do this, but the problem is that i not understand how to fill this in the xdc.


          Here ist the Part from my XDC File. Ok, its possible that this is at the wrong point, but im sure i have an error in the escaping.

          The Printer i use is a Ricoh MP5002sp. I only found the escaping like i did, but i get a pdf generation error with this part:


             <seq id="postDoc"><ESC/>%-12345X@PJL RDYMSG DISPLAY=""&#13;&#10;<ESC/>H1B\L%-12345X@PJL ENTER LANGUAGE=PCL&#13;&#10;<ESC/>H1B\L&l4H&#13;&#10;<ESC/>H1B\L&l1T\0&#13;&#10;<ESC/>M\B\S\N\U &#13;&#10;<ESC/>U\LJob : \I&#13;&#10;<ESC/>U\LDate: \D&#13;&#10;<ESC/>U\LTime: \T&#13;&#10;<ESC/>E&#13;&#10;</seq>


          The PLC commands i foun on a website looks like this:


          \H1B\L%-12345X@PJL ENTER LANGUAGE=PCL    <-- Puts printer into PCL mode

          \H1B\L&l1H    <-- This command pulls the sep sheet from Tray 2

          \H1B\L&l1T\0    <-- Job Reset. Sets USTATUS counters etc,

          \M\B\S\N\U    <-- Prints user name in large characters

          \U\LJob : \I    <-- Prints spool ID number

          \U\LDate: \D   <-- Prints date

          \U\LTime: \T    <-- Prints time

          \E    <-- Exits banner page and begins actual print job


          But in my case it will be enough to select the tray and "print" the empty sheet...

          thanks a lot for your your help...and it could be a easy task...but it looks like im a "dau" :-)

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            Aljechin Level 1



            the easiest way and the best way is to do an additional Form with a additional Programm and you can control this after your program in the transaction v/40 put this in the output type!


            then it works!