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    WHY is there no fix for the dreaded black box installer for me?


      I have searched this forum for days and see my issue with either no replies, or the ones with replies do not work.

      I have a new PC win7.  I am running IE11 and FF34.0.5.  So far I hate my new PC.

      Anyway, I have tried in both browsers all diff ways of installing from the many hints I have come across and still get the black box that hangs.  If I click on it a few times - sometimes - it takes me to the browser page and says "server not found."

      BTW, in IE addons, flash is not listed so I cannot enable it like so many hints have said to do.  If it was that easy, I would not be here looking for help!

      FF also does not have flash listed nor when I look for new addons is it an option!

      At this point I am keeping my old pc to do certain things like plays games, etc.  This is ridiculous though!

      I also see there is no phone number and no tech support outside of this forum, yet we at the mercy of Adobe Flash.  This is really not cool.

      So I implore you, Adobe, can you please tell us how to fix this???