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    What is best way to integrate server-side validation?


      I have seen all the client side validator examples, but they seem to be simplistic and not real world. Truth is, server side validation is also required, and I have not found any good examples for how to best integrate server side validation with client side validation....

      Anyone see any examples of client AND server side validation that is well integrated?


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          kedward Level 1
          This is more of what I am talking about, I also thought of extending the validator, but it doesn't seem possible with async calls:


          Also, I have got the following to work, but just seems like there should be a better way:

          <mx:TextInput focusOut="ValidateData()" errorString="{ model.updateincident.errorList['MyField']}" id="MyField" text="{selectedItem.MyField}"/>

          Upon focusOut ValidateData is called, which fires an event with a form data VO AS object. The event passes the VO AS object to an RPC call to a java validation bean, which returns the VO object updated with error information and updates the application data model, which then is then displayed in the textinput.....ErrorList is a java hashtable/AS object