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    Robohelp 11 output not compatible with IE11 and IE10


      I am new to RoboHelp 11 and we've a release looming over us. The web help output files are not loading on other computers but are working fine at my end or my colleague's system (we both have RoboHelp installed in our systems)  We used Robohelp 8 for the previous release and upgraded to the latest version particularly for this release.  After integrating web files into the application, the developers found that the files are not compatible. Now we've too short a time to downgrade to Robohelp 8  Can anyone give us a suggestion on why output files are working on certain systems but not on others. Is it because I have the source files on my machines and others don't?

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          RoboHelp 11 output should be working for things. But here's what I'd check.


          1. Ensure you have any and all updates applied to RoboHelp 11. If you find you need an update, you will need to apply it, then generate the output again to ensure that the output is set up properly.


          2. It's possible that you need to simply delete all the output files from the server where you copied it. Then copy the totally new set of output files from your machine to the server.


          Cheers... Rick