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    Adobe forms-checking that required fields are completed-Java Script

    Adobe Beth

      I have inserted two Java Scripts into my form--one for checking for required fields are completed, and then one for generating an email pulling a custom subject line, as shown below:

      var emptyFields = [];

      for (var i=0; i<this.numFields; i++) {

           var f= this.getField(this.getNthFieldName(i));

           if (f.type!="button" && f.required && f.display==display.visible) {

                if ((f.type=="text" && f.value=="") || (f.type=="checkbox" && f.value=="Off")) emptyFields.push(f.name);



      if (emptyFields.length>0) {

           app.alert("Error! You must fill in the following fields:\n" + emptyFields.join("\n"));



      this.mailDoc({bUI:false,cTo:"xx@bcbsks.com,Jackie.Williams@xx.com,xx@xx.com",cSubject:"Bugzilla Form for: "+this.getField("Bugzilla Title").value+" - "+this.getField("Bugzilla ID").value})


      Issue: After the error window displays fields that have not been completed, when I click OK the email window displays.

      QUESTION: How can I stop the email window from displaying until all fields are completed?