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    Preloaders in Form Application

      This is my first time using Form Application so please help
      I can't seem to get my preloader to work in a Flash Form Application. Are there any tricks to getting them to work properly?
      Basically all it does is flash the preload frame after everything is loaded.

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          Here's an excerpt form the Flash help-files:

          About using preloaders with screen-based documents
          If you want to include a preloader (a separate SWF file that loads your primary SWF) with your screen-based document, one way to do this is to create the preloader as a separate SWF file (non-screen-based), and load the SWF file for the screen-based document from within the preloader SWF.

          You cannot create a preloader within a screen-based document, because all screens in a document are located on the first frame of the root Timeline, so you cannot call or load other frames
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            I gave this a try but when the primary SWF loads it can only see the initial display and none of the buttons work.
            Are there any examples of using a preloader with screen based flash documents that anyone knows of that I can get a look at?