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    RoboHelp11 - web help: stop words are appearing in 508 Compliant Output published help search area?


      Hello - I am trying to stop specific words and symbols from appearing in the search area of a Section 508 Compliant output.


      This is what I tried: Edit > Search Metadata > Stop Words. Then I clicked New and typed the word or symbol in the stop list and clicked OK.


      When I publish the 508 compliant project, the words or symbols still appeared in the search? When I look at the stop list the words or symbols I added are still on the list. I also noticed that the default Stop List and "Always Ignore" Words (for example: a, and, the...) are also appearing in the search of the published project?


      I checked a different project with the 508 compliant output and see the same result.

      Are there different, or additional steps to get Stop Words to work in RH11?