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    Slow program response, crashes when creating titles and dynamic link issues


      Dear reader,

      I am now trialling Adobe CC OSX with Premiere Pro and After Effects before deciding to subscribe but I am experiencing a lot of issues while working.

      I am now working on an animation, but editing raw mxf files also gives crashes and slow responses/ program refreshes.

      1) Slow mouse response

      2) Slow program refresh while key framing visuals

      3) Rendering in PP is extremely slow when AE is open in the background, when closing AE and re-initiate the render in PP it renders super fast

      4) Crashes. When I overlay titles in my time line PP regularly crashes

      5) Dynamic Link issues when working combined in AE and PP where file connections in the time line get lost when the AE project has too many sequences

      I am curious to find out if other people are also experiencing these issues.

      I am indecisive in getting the paid yearly plan or move to FCPX instead? Or should I get a new MacPro and is this model too old?

      It worked fine 2 months ago, however I was still working on FCP7. After updating it is really bad working with it...


      My system consist of:


      MacPro mid-2010

      OSX 10.9.5 (13F34) (new installation)

      2x2,66Ghz 6-core Intel Xeon

      24GB DDR3 ECC

      Nvidia Quadro K5000, 4GB

      2x PCIe SSD 1TB

      2x HDD 3TB

      2x HDD 2TB

      Feedback is much appreciated! Best regards, Alexander