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    rendering issues


      I am having some issues that are not only frustrating but also freaking me out.

      I'm working on a large video file for a theatre production I am working on. The file involves lots of photos and video clips.

      Everything was going fine. And I had finished the bulk of the file, and yesterday evening I returned to the video to edit the previous work I had done. Suddenly the rendering bar was turning red every time I changed anything, then soon it would begin freezing upon playback. I would play the file and it would lag in starting, then freeze on a frame while the audio continued to play in real time.

      My assumption is that the file has grown too large...I am hoping for a quick fix. It has a significant amount of work still to be done, and it needs to be completely finished by Thursday. I cannot download updates as I am on a computer run by an admin that is not around. (i.e. a university computer). Please help.

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          jstrawn Adobe Employee

          It sounds to me like you just lost your render files, perhaps by deleting or moving the directory they were on (?). What happens when you render them again (press enter with timeline active)? Does the performance improve? If that doesn't help, maybe try deleting your media cache and of course re-booting prpro. Delete media cache

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            Peferling Level 4

            Did you check and try to open an autosave version of the file?  By default it should be located in folder called Adobe Premiere Pro Auto-Save within the project folder.  To find it:  Goto File - Project Settings - Scratch Disks




            In addition to what jstrawn advises, at the end of the day or when you reach a milestone in edits, despite having auto-save, save the to a new name, (save as).  That way, you won't lose all your work should the current file become corrupt or stop working.

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              iamemily Level 1

              When I push enter to render, it does 1 of two things: renders for a short time before bringing up a "Cannot render file: error unknown" message. Or tells me it is going to take 7+ hours to render.

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                jstrawn Adobe Employee

                OK please try deleting media cache file as per instructions I linked to above.