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    x rite i1 calibration for Color Correction

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      I recently purchased a Dell u2713h and X-Rite i1 display pro. After reading a lot on the subject and trying numerous setups and calibrations I am still unable to get the colors right. I imagine I'm doing something wrong on a very basic level. I will write down the basics so that maybe someone could point me at the right direction:

      1. My setup is: Windows 7 64bit, nVidia Geforce 660 ti

      2. My monitor is currently connected by DVI, but can also be connected via HDMI. Which would be better for proper calibration? Or would it be best to buy a Displayport to HDMI adapter? There is a also a secondary monitor connected, if this matters.

      3. My x-rite i1 is connected to the PC itself. Should I connect it to the monitor?

      4. After going through several guides on how to properly calibrate, I still come out failing. For some reason. In my Dell built-in menu, I set color space to CAL1 before starting.

      5. Currently, after calibrating, very light greys are showing up with a slight red tint. The same kind of greys that are popular around webpage boxes, such as in the box around this very panel. This is obviously wrong.


      - So how do I get this right?

      - Am I connecting my monitor with the wrong cables?

      - Is i1 better when connected to the monitor itself?

      - With the Geforce 660ti, will I be able to display wide-gamut? And if so, how?

      - What settings should I use when calibrating with the Profiler if I want to get the most accurate colors I can (I know this is no FS monitor) for color-correction? (Assuming CAL1 should be at RGB and CAL2 should be at REC 709)


      Thank you for all the help!

      Appreciate anyone that will guide me through this confusing path.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Cables don't matter. It's digital and your monitor's built-in processor does the decoding. You can only screw yourself by mistweaking settings in your graphics card's color settings, which is a big no-no when using calibration. Same for the USB - you are creating a profile on the computer, not the monitor itself. Your "CAL" slots are therefore meaningless, unless you use Dell's tools to load a persistent color profile directly into the monitor and ultimately that is why you fail - you already mistweak your monitor before even calibrating. Calibration is a differential process based on a few (assumed) standardized settings like black and white points. You are screwing yourself. The proper way to calibrate would be to use the default sRGB profile and/ or set color temperature to 5000k or 6500k, and only then run the software. That's not specific to the x-rite (I user a Spyder), but to any calibration.