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    Adobe RH Server 6 = "Adobe RH6 + Additional features"

    grks Level 1
      Greetings to all :-)

      Right now, I'm working on the trial version of RH2002. My company and ofcourse all our members are new to RH. My PM was impressed on the help file which i developed using this trial version. At last, he decided to purchase the latest version of RH and he gave me a list and asked which one to purchase. Here is the list:

      No Item Rate
      1 RoboHelp Office 6 WIN (1 lic) Rs 55,400.00
      2 RoboHelp Office 6 Win (2 - 14 lics) Rs 53,600.00
      3 RoboHelp Office 6 WIN (15+ lics) Rs 52,500.00
      4 RoboHelp Server 6 WIN (1 - 7 lics) Rs 108,000.00
      5 RoboHelp Server 6 WIN (8+ lics) Rs 105,000.00

      I browsed the adobe site to know the latest version. I came to an understanding that "Adobe RH Server 6" has got more additional features that "Adobe RH6" and cooly said to him, that we'll go in for "Adobe RH server 6" (5th item specified in the list) I've also worked on the trial version of "Adobe RH6" but i've not even tried "Adboe RH Server 6" thinking that some additional features specified in the adobe site would be available in this.

      Lateron, i entered into the forum, to see if there were any topics discussed regarding this...ofcourse there were many...really i was much more afraid on seeing those relevant topics and kindly excuse me as i need some more clarity....Are these two separate products???. To go in for "Adobe RH server 6", should we purchase "Adobe RH6" also. I thought, if we purchase "Adobe RH Server 6", we will have get the same "Adobe RH6 software (Help authoring tool)" with some additional features". Pls give me your valuable inputs on this as this is killing me because i've already informed my PM without understanding the products in detail.

      Should I ask for "Adobe RH Server6" or "both 'Adobe RH Server6' and Adobe RH6'"

      Thanks a lot in advance!!
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Welcome to the forum.

          You need to hop over to the site of the World Renowned Expert, RoboWizard.

          The difference is explained there but note that the natural language search is no longer one of the features, most people search on specific words nowadays anyway.

          RH6 is what you use to create the help. RH Server sits on the server and enables the additional features. Note that you need a licence for each server (not each author) so if you install your help on your customers servers, you just bumped up the price of your product.

          Might be time for a cool "On reflection I think we can save some money here boss".

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            grks Level 1
            Thanks Peter...i went through the prescribed site...but rick was explaining about "WebHelp Pro" in this....To some extent, i'm able to understand what RH Server 6 is, but sorry still i'm not clear: Should i go in for both "RH6 and RHServer6 (licences depends as stated by you)...my question was....if i purchase RH Server6, would i be still able to produce the help file (RH using word, RH using HTML, etc) just like as i did in "RH6" or should we purchase "RH6 also" along with server 6....Am i bothering too much......
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              WebHelp Pro is an output for which you need RH Server 6. Normal webhelp, which is what I think the majority use, myself included, does not require RH Server 6 which adds a big cost. Thus you have to decide whether or not you need the additional features of WebHelp Pro which is why I directed you to Rick's site.

              RH Server 6 does not enable you to produce anything. RH6 is what the author uses to create the help. One of you then generates it to the server. If your output is WebHelp then you only need RH6. If you want the additional features of WebHelp Pro then you need RH Server 6 on the server, and each server that hosts the help.

              So you need a RH6 license for each author regardless. You also need RH Server 6 for each server IF AND ONLY IF you produce WebHelp Pro or FlashHelp Pro.

              If you are happy with what you have produced in WebHelp, then stick with just RH6.

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                grks Level 1
                Thanks peter....it's crystal clear.....
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                  Launcher1 Level 1
                  Not for me though!
                  I believe that using RH server 6 with FlashHalp Pro is the way to enable my users to search and link across projects. Is that correct?

                  We, too, are currently deciding which s/w to buy, and if Robohelp, whether we need both.

                  How easy is it to port your RH6 projects into RH6 Server?

                  I have used RH5X in my last job so am familiar with it - and found the search to be lacking.

                  sorry to jump in at the last minute with more questions, but this thread has helped me (almost) answer the what-to-buy questions.
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                    johndaigle Level 4
                    Hi, Launcher1
                    I certainly don't want to discourage you from looking at RoboHelp Server 6. At the same time I want to help you understand the differences.

                    Your two main needs apparently are: to link and search among multiple merged projects. You can do that NOW with "plain" WebHelp (or FlashHelp) without RoboHelp Server!

                    So, what would you get extra with RH Server 6 and what exactly are the Pro advantages? For that, you might want to take a look at my article on the Adobe Developer Network which covers Adobe RoboHelp Server 6.

                    So, basically, the "Pro" version provided by RH Server 6 gives you Feedback Reports on what your users are looking for and the ability to search the text of MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Adobe Acrobat PDF files which you cannot do with the "plain" RoboHelp 6. These are tremendous advantages and many companies find this worth the extra money. Remember, you don't have to buy RH Server for each author, only one copy for the server. The authors get RH 6.

                    As for "porting" RH 6 to RH Server 6, that's simple. You really don't need to port them at all! You simply take the exact same project from the RH 6 authoring tool and publish it to the RH Server 6. So, it's not so much the tool you use to develop the project (it's the same in all cases). Rather, it is the destination of where you publish the project that makes the difference.

                    Hope this helps. If it doesn't, ask some more!
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                      Launcher1 Level 1
                      Interesting! Everything I have read skirts around the fact that you don't need Server to search and link across projects. Naughty RoboHelp!

                      anyway we will find the feedback mechanism invaluable as well, so am sure we will go with the whole package.

                      thanks for the info.