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    How to add cover sheet without affecting page numbering?


      No replies yet, so perhaps I should change the question to "Can one add a new section break at the beginning of a document?"


      Or "How do you apply a section break on a Master Page so that when the Master Page is added at the beginning of a document, it does not change the numbering of the pages that follow?"


      Thanks very much for any help!


      [ORIGINAL QUESTION: Is it possible to add a cover sheet to an InDesign document without affecting the existing page numbering? I have a series of chapters from a book that need to be posted individually and require a cover sheet. Each chapter begins on a recto page and the page numbering is set with a prefix (the chapter number) and page number, e.g., page 1.1. I can manage to add the cover sheet without the other pages shuffling, but the cover page always becomes page 1.1 and the text thus begins on page 1.2 (even though it's a recto page). Is there any way to do this without having to manually reset all the page numbering in the Numbering & Section Options window?

      Thanks for any help you can give---many such documents to work on....  Also, never submitted a question before, so hope I've done this correctly!  ---JCI]


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