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    search marker keywords


      Is there a way to search keywords on markers throughout a project?  Let's say I want to know each time any character in a documentary talks about "dinner?"

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          KJerryK MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          There is a search box in the marker panel


          Marker search.jpg

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            ulikunkel_autobahn Level 1

            I was just looking into this because the "FIND" dialogue is very confusing and doesn't work very well.  I've discovered that yes, it is possible to search your markers using the search bar at the top of the project window.  If you type in "Dinner" it will show you all the clips with "Dinner" in the marker comments. 


            The Find dialogue is next to useless in my opinion.  You should be able to search for whatever piece of metadata you want, narrow it down/filter, and have the window populate with results. 


            Really hope Adobe works on this.