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    Web Interface for RoboHelp for editing on Linux Machines?

      I work on the development and support of a software package.  We have to deal with the mistakes that will surely crop up in the documentation.  Our user's guides are written in Microsoft Word, but as the number of equations and length of the documents increase, they are getting increasingly difficult to manage.  In particular, it's difficult to have multiple people edit the documentation and tedious to post updated versions.
      We are considering purchasing RoboHelp, however, most of our employees use Linux/Unix machines, but one or two use Window's machines.  I see that the requirement for RoboHelp is a windows machine.  I'm wondering if we could install it on one of our employees' Windows machines, but then have others edit it through a web interface on their Linux/Unix machines.
      Is this possible with RoboHelp?
      Thank you for any help you can give.  I searched the forums with various search strings before posting, but didn't not find the answer.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          If you wanted to edit the HTML files that Rh creates I would say editing them externally is highly likely to give you problems. In the source files Rh is allowed to use PIs (processing instructions) that don't appear in the output but do control how things work. [See UPDATE] Also if you use Rh features, how would you write the code for those? However, you could use Rh to link to those Word files to produce its output. Then whenever you generate the output, it will look at the current version of the Word document and go from there.


          I see you are using equations. Do test that they work OK. The trial version is good for one month and is fully functional.


          UPDATE - Your external editor would not be able to write these.


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