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    Adobe Send within Acrobat XI Std - Integration with Outlook 2013

    LeGoat Level 1

      I recently upgraded a user from Office 2007 to Office 2013.  The install for Office 2013 was a fresh install (not a true upgrade).  Prior to the upgrade, the user was able to use the Adobe Send feature within Acrobat XI Standard (11.0.10) to send documents to multiple recipients without the need to type everyone's email address in.  After the upgrade, the feature to use Adobe Send within Acrobat XI seems to have vanished, forcing the user the log in via the browser, but this requires typing out the email address for each recipient.  As one can guess, it's a very tedious process, especially given how it worked like a charm for her prior to the upgrade.


      Is there a feature or add-on that needs to be applied for Outlook 2013 and Acrobat XI to be integrated?