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    To ART regarding green flickering frames with MPG files


      I asked last night about transferring files to PE13 editor and having green frames flickering in play back in Editor. You requested more info:

      I took original VHS tapes from 30+ yrs ago from Sony Camcorder. I ran them through Toshiba DVR620KU VHS to DVD recorder. These files were made into .VOB files and saved on hard drive.

      I then used CyberLink video editor to trim files and then the program converted and saved them as MPG files to Hard Disk.


      Now when I bring these Aspect 4:3 .MPG files into PE13 editor the picture settings are NTSC-Hard Drive, Flash Memory Camcorder-Standard 48kHz. Yet in play mode, the file flickers with green frames.

      There are now two green frames for every picture frame. Therefore, the green flickering. I am not sure about picture setting change or where the green frames came from. There is no orange line nor letterbox to indicate

      frame mismatch. Also, after rendering there appears to be less green but the film runs to fast and flickers just as bad.


      Thanks for following up on this, I look for your reply.  David

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Thanks for the follow up.


          I will look for your prior thread and try to get it cross referenced for those following your issue. Please continue in this thread for now.


          Do you still have the VOB available that went into CyberLink for trimming? If so, could you try to import the VOB into a new Premiere Elements project with Premiere Elements Expert workspace's  Add Media/Files and Folder/, and then let us know if those VOBs as Timeline content displayed the same irregularities as the CyberLink edited files (presumed MPEG2.mpg)?


          In Premiere Elements trimming, copies of the end frame can be made for "handle" purposes or trimmed frame used. I am just guessing at this point that CyberLink's trimming might have introduced a factor that is triggering the Premiere Elements event. Needs to be ruled in or out.


          Please review and consider, and I will think about this some more.





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            paradise175 Level 1

            I tried the .VOB file and it worked just fine.  No green frames nor flickering.

            CyberLink must have done something to the file that made it wonky.

            I did not have PE13 at the time of first edit, I like PE13 better and will now stay with it

            most of the time. Actually the trimming in CyberLink is easier but I like the other editing

            features of PE13.


            Thanks for your help, I will consider this question closed, as I do not wish to pursue the

            CyberLink to PE13 issue. I just know what not to do.


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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Great news. Great information to have. Great job of follow through.


              If you have not yet and when you have time, be sure to look into trimming of clip in the

              Premiere Elements 13 Expert workspace Project Window (with its Set In and Set Out points).

              The following is the Adobe document on Premiere Elements Trimming Clips.

              Adobe Premiere Elements Help | Trimming clips

              This is marked version 11 but should apply to versions 12 and 13 as well.


              Also, consider the Preview Window use written about in the following



              Best wishes as you move forward with your projects.