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    Re: Can't install Flash player on Mac 10.10.1

    interloc@bigpond.com Level 1

      I to am running the same version of OS. However every time I download Flash Player it will run right to the end of the installation and tells me that it was successful. The only thing is when i go to open the program it is not there, and nowhere to be found.

      I have tried uninstalling the software and re-doing the installation but with still no luck.

      It is very frustrating most things that i generally watch require Flash Player.

      Any help to rectify this problem would be much appreciated.

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          Bill Grogan Level 1

          Well, I'm afraid I can't offer a thing. I'm having a similar problem and am at a total loss. Can't even be sure where the fault lies, with Adobe or some hacker low-life. We can wish each other good luck, I suppose. I'll almost certainly be calling my Mac tech guy early January.

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            jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

            The issue you posted was different from the original problem in the thread.  I've branched this into a new discussion.


            Flash Player is a browser-plug in, not a standalone application, so there's nothing to install.  If the installation completed, it sounds like Flash Player is installed.   Each website uses code to detect the presence of Flash Player, and sometimes that code doesn't always work.  If this is specific to a particular website or application, that may be what's going on.


            Do you see content on a simplistic Flash site like this?



            If so, then Flash is working.  If not, then it may be blocked or something.  Are you using Safari or something else?