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    Material Design palette generation


      What would be the best way to generate a custom Material Design palette like the ones at the link below but with a different base colour, any ideas?



      Anyone know how one would go about requesting such a feature be added to Adobe Color, I can't see any feedback option in the tool?


      Thank you for your time,


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          I'm also interested in knowing the logic, what is the logic or formula that's working behind in this kind of color palette. I've tried to add some incremental values to base color but it doesn't create same color palette as shown in Google Material Help source. If someone can tell the mixing rules it will help to understand it.

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            Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

            Hi IAmSerious,


            These types of palettes might actually be easier to create with our web app (Adobe Color CC); although it does still only pull five color samples at a time. People would like us to provide the ability to pull more than five colors and I've passed that feedback onto the team.


            And, there is actually in-app feedback in all of our mobile apps. If you tap on the product icon in the upper left hand corner, it opens a screen in which is a link title Give Us Feedback. Please send us feedback whenever you have it. We read everything that comes into it.



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              M.t.khan Level 1

              HI Sue, Thanks for the reply,


              I know it can created in Adobe Color CC, But what i want to know is the logic, How Google Material Design's Color Palette should be created. What values have to increase or decrease to create that palette. I tried to add incremental values for brightness and black to create a palette but when I see the google one they looks different than mine.Palette.jpg

              I've also tried to ask a question on Google Material Guide Source but they don't have any forums or comment section there... Please let me know if anyone knows about it.

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                Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



                Thanks for clarifying.


                In your search, did you ever come across this thread (color - How does one generate a palette similar to the ones in Google's material design? - Graphic Design Stack Exchange)? It's from a year ago but seems they were having a similar discussion. Might be some bit of insight in it for you.



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                  M.t.khan Level 1

                  Sue, Thanks again.


                  Yes I've gone through the thread, and they are discussing the same thing what I've done so far. The tool they mentioned is just creating the sample palette as mine. I've attached the screenshot to show, I've picked the Google's color FFC107 and put that into that tool and it creates the same palette as mine. Shot.pngyou can see the Google's one on right side. Look how they are right and different. It will be much better if Google also explain how to create our own palettes for custom work.


                  Anyways I really appreciate your help.