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    Slide audio like Final Cut


      Im thinking about officially making the move from Final cut to Premier. One thing I've noticed early on, is how things move around in the timeline. In Final Cut, if I have an audio synced video file in my timeline, with video on video track 1, and audio on audio track 1, I can move the video to track 2 and the synced audio automatically moves to the corresponding audio track. In Premier, if I move the video to track 2, the audio stays on track 1. Is there a way to make the audio/video in Premier, behave like it would in Final Cut?

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          Not exactly (that I know of), but you can come close to this functionality.  I too like my audio to move to track 2 when I move my video to track 2.  Try this, drag your video to track 2, now while still holding down the mouse, press and hold SHIFT on the keyboard, now move your mouse down to AUDIO track 2.  When you hold Shift, you start moving the audio half of the clip.  You can also set up some keyboard shortcuts for moving clips up and down the tracks, but I find it often gets in the way, or overwrites some other content—so I don't use track shifting keyboard shortcuts as much as I thought I would.


          Seeing that this isn't something many editors would want ALL of the time, I suppose Adobe had to make a choice about default behavior:  Either make the default video-only moves, and hold Shift to move the corresponding audio; or make the default video-AND-audio moves, and hold shift to perform a video-only / audio-only move.  After a day of editing, it's second nature.  After a week of editing, maybe you'll even forget that FCP had a different default.


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