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    Why can't I preview indd files within InDesign's open file dialog box?

    shawninvancouver Level 2

      Hello all,


      It is bad enough that Adobe doesn't add a plugin to preview any Adobe source file within Windows Explorer (well, except for PDF but I think Microsoft did that).


      But I find it ridiculous that I cannot preview .indd source files inside InDesign's Open File dialog box. It just states, "No preview available". I am sure this failure is tied into what Windows can preview... still, not a good excuse!


      This is also the same problem in both Illustrator and Photoshop.... neither Adobe program can preview their own file format!


      WHY?  OR How can I correct this?


      [UPDATE: SageThumbs | SourceForge.net seems to partially work on many Photoshop files (works reasonably well as long as I limit the file size to 70mb), it doesn't seem to work on Illustrator files (despite the claim), and it doesn't work on InDesign.]


      Still, the question remains, why isn't Adobe taking responsibility for this?