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    Install Premiere Elements12 in Swedish?


      Hi there, new user here


      I'm having trouble installing adobe premiere elements 12 in Swedish. During the installation I can choose language for the installer itself (English, French, German & Japanese) - here I choose English.


      I can also choose the language in which to view the license agreement - here I choose Swedish.


      I see no more language prompts anywhere and my installation ends up being in English.


      I've got a physical copy of adobe premiere elements and it says on the box that it features Swedish language.


      Where do I actually set the application to run in Swedish?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What computer operating system is involved in your Premiere Elements 12 matter? What does your installation disc and packaging say for the type

          of program that you have purchased? Does it have markings that say distribution for North America only or anything like that?


          I purchased Premiere Elements 13 from a retailer in the United States. It came with installation disc in box packaging.


          When I insert the installation disc into the burn and start the installation, in the beginning there is an Options page. In the lower left corner

          of that Options page is a choice of languages

          English (North America)






          Portugues do Brasil






          Probably Chinese and Japanese


          I think the answer will be in your exploring the description of your purchase. Have you contacted the place of purchase?


          Interestingly with the 13 purchase it did not came with the outer outer box that the 12 purchase came in. That outer outer box of 12 showed

          distribution for North America only. I have not had a chance to go back and look closer at the language options for 12 when that installation

          disc is in the burner. I am guessing that I am only going to have a limited choice of language options. But I will not know for sure until I do it.

          It will require me to uninstall my 12 install to find out for sure.


          Please let us know the outcome.