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    Idml file wont open


      I can't get this file to open it says that there's a missing plug in .It was saved from cs6 as an idml file but now I can't get that to open. It doesn't say what plug in is missing either for me to try and figure it out? Any suggestions? I tried opening in CS3, cs5.5 cs6 and cs7 and got the same error.

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It sounds like it's corrupted. Have the person who created it, re-create it.


          If that's not possible, post the file on a cloud site like Dropbox and provide a link. There are people here who can determine if it's a valid IDML file.

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            fschiesl Level 1




            I created it myself at work last year in cs6 saved it back to 5.5 so I could work on it at home if needed as this project isn't a frequent one. Now I have a new work computer, and I'm thinking the CS6 on here doesn't have the plug in necessary. I hope its not corrupt, but if so I do have an older version I could use but it's not the most up to date. (  I have two files with the same problem actually. See if you can't get this one to open by chance and if so I can upload the other one. I could also see if it might not have copied over from my hard drive correctly, but all the other files on there seem fine so i don't think it's that.


            Thanks for your help!

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              Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              That IDML file is not working.

              124 Byte is way too small for any IDML file.

              Maybe the export was interrupted. No chance…



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                fschiesl Level 1

                Boo. Thanks for looking into it. I have a slight chance that it didn't copy from my hard drive, so I'll check that when I get back to my house and hope that's what it is!

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                  did anyone resolve this issue?


                  I am using CC indesign and saving files to IDML.


                  When i try to reopen that file with CC indesign, the software freezes and pretty much crashes.


                  Opening it with CS6, there is no issues.


                  What doesnt make any sense is that when i am saving with CC, i assume i should be able to reopen it with CC.


                  but it does not allow me to do so.


                  Does anyone know the cause?


                  I can only find information of the opposite of what i am asking. So i assume i am the only one having this stupid issue.


                  I am unable to contact adobe myself, if someone could please help me resolve this issue!