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    createTextField does not obey movieclip alpha

      [F8] createTextField help


      I am making a flash slide show, using Flash 8, that pulls in an XML file that has image URLs and descriptions.

      I can load up the XML and process it so I can pull out image URLs and load them. I can also see the image description.

      My movie has one movieclip called "holder". On the main timeline, holder has a motion tween from an alpha of 0 to 100, then 100 frames or so of static frames, then it fades back to an alph of 0.

      All this is working happy, until I truy to add a textfield to "holder". I can add the text field, no problem. The problem is that the text field does not fade with when "holder" does! I know I have created the textfield in the correct place because all of these work as expected (punk being the textfield):

      punk = holder.createTextField("punk", holder.getNextHighestDepth() , -60, 0, 150, 20);
      punk.text = "Hello World";

      Does anyone know how to fix or work around this?[