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    Two calibrated screens - completely different colors


      Hi everybody,

      I am new to color management. I purchased X-Rite I1 PRO 2 device and calibrated my external wide gamut monitor DELL U2410 and build-in display on my laptop Fujitsu T902. I run Windows 7 and display is extended to laptop build-in display. Right there I can see huge difference in colors of wallpapers. I thought that it could be because the wallpapers are not color managed, so I tried to use photo in Photoshop program as a reference.  When I move the Photoshop window with the photo the way that it spawns across both screens, there is a obvious color difference - e.g. blue color on one screen turns into purple on the other. 

      Is this something expected due to different display technologies? What should I do to correct it? I also appreciate any links to information regarding the color profiling monitors and printers, but for beginners.