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    Tool or  idea wanted...how to remove an object in a frame

    shooternz Level 6

      After Effects. CC2014.xxx


      Yesterday I effectively removed a small skin mole on a close up of a hand ( in movement) by using Simple wireframe Tool. ( and key frames)


      EAsy as it was at the time... I wondered if there was a better tool or technique to do this but it actually only took me  5 minutes for the 4 second clip anyway. And it was perfect.


      Now I want to remove a wrist watch from a mans wrist ( medium shot with tilt up). Objective is to show him with a bare wrist.  ( food factory hygiene issue !!!)


      There is movement of the wrist as in picking up an object ( a biscuit on a conveyor belt)  from  foreground,  and lifting it up slightly to show to camera.


      Thoughts and ideas wanted  please.


      I cant imagine "painting and restoring it".