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    Lightroom 5.7.1 Upgrade

    MikeKPhoto Level 2

      A few weeks back release 5.7.1 was announced.  Opened LR (not the CC version)  and checked for updates, cam back telling me I was running the latest version 5.7.  Clearly not right so downloaded manually, and installed OK. Now thinking this was just a glitch with my installation went on my merry way. But today I was helping a couple of friends also importing some images from a studio session. They were both running 5.7 , one MAC the other Win 7 x64 again both not CC versions. Checked for updates and low and behold the same issue as I had, your installation is up to date.  So not just a glitch on my system, but seems widespread.


      So is there an issue with the 5.7.1 release not being recognized - seems this is a bug?






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